Grassroots Development Services

World Kayak is able to pull in leadership at every level of grassroots paddling development to help you improve your regional structure.  From starting a paddling industry from scratch, to bolstering support in any sector of your kayak community, World Kayak can provide the needed structure, organization, manpower and guidance.  Our industry model helps you see clearly what is missing in your region, allows you to plan for improvements and gives you access to a growing number of resources to help you carry out those improvements.

The services we offer includes:

  • Regional strategic direction
  • Certification program development
  • Accreditation program development
  • Grassroots to Elite competition development and management
  • Marketing and communications
  • Kayak School and Club setup and management
  • Coaching and elite development programming
  • Kids program development

For more information on our services, please contact James at james (at symbol) or via phone at 613-256-0783.