WK/Chaco Gauley photo contest

It’s that time of year again. Gauley season is upon us! Once again World Kayak and Chaco are partnering up to bring you fun filled time on the water and at the festival grounds. This year we are hosting a photo contest and a four square tournament. Submit your best Gauley picture to colin@worldkayak.com before Monday September 10th. One photo per person please. Our crack team of professional photo judges will pick the top three photos to be entered into the final. The winner will be determined by the most number of votes by 8:30 PM on Gauley Festival Saturday. To vote simply come to the Chaco booth and let us know which photo you think best represents the awesomeness that is the Gauley River. Every person will get one vote, and the winner will receive a full prize package including free Chacos!