Local River Descriptions

Milwaukee River Class I/II – Video By Bob Menard


The Wolf – Class II/III (IV)
The most Classic of Wisconsin Paddling. On the Wolf you’ll get great Whitewater while paddling through the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. Bald Eagles and other great birds and animals are a regular site when paddling these stretches.

– Section 3 of the Wolf River is one of the midwest’s standard runs, with a bunch of class 2 boulder garden rapids. There are many possible routes on each rapid, so you can change the pace as your mood and abilities dictate. Gilmore’s Mistake, The rapid located behind the Wild Wolf Inn, is a great place to meet other boaters, organize impromptu trips, or wait for friends to arrive. It has lots of play potential and easy access. Please be very considerate here. Herb Buettner owns this land as well as the most popular put in. It is through their generosity that we enjoy such good access to the river. (DMG)

– Section 4    

Lower Water[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuMDUXAhUus[/youtube]

Higher Water [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIvK3rGv9UI[/youtube] a step up from Section 3 in terms of difficulty, Class 3(4). The river features are different as well. Flatwater stretches are mixed with constrictions in the river that concentrate the water, sending it over small waterfalls, ledges and slides. The Menomonee Indian Tribe allows us to run this section for a fee from May to November. The rules and fees have changed several times recently, so check ahead. (DMG)

The Peshtigo – Class II/III
A fun intermediate run in northeast Wisconsin, the Peshtigo has great class 2 and 3 rapids with tons of play spots. The dark, tannic water, easy access, and fun rapids make this a midwest favorite. The run is about 4 miles long and has a gradient of 14 feet per mile. The gauge that most paddlers refer to is painted under the Highway C Bridge, on the north end of the east side and is read in inches. While you can scrape your way down at almost any flow, most people consider 5 inches to be a realistic minimum. At 18 inches or higher, you’ll notice that it gets more difficult, and around 25 inches it is class 4, with a few holes that are sticky and very hard to avoid. If you paddle the Pesh, check out www.silvercliff.com after your trip. There may be pictures of you on the site. Note: To get the County C bridge reading in inches, subtract 4 feet from the gauge reading at Wabeno (link given on the right). (DMG)
Conversion/Minimum Suggested Level: Subtract 4 feet from gauge height reading

High Water Video by Bob Menard [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDgdSSjwJ1Y[/youtube]

The Pike River – By Bob Menard


Wausau Whitewater Park – Class II/III
If Play is what you’re looking for, look no further! Wausau Whitewater Park has 11 Features that fit the level for everyone in your group! The bottom 7 spots are perfect for beginners to learn basic surfing and intermediates to begin cartwheels and loops! The Newest spot #4, is even dynamic enough for expert paddlers to throw more advanced tricks while still being a perfect beginner spot. As you move up the channel, Little Drop and Railroad provide great power and pop for aerial moves and are perfect for the more advanced playboater. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7N4IaTus8s[/youtube]

The Root
The 600-900 range allows for great leftie 360’s at lower pipeline, great front surfing at upper and lower pipeline, and, if you have a short, loose boat you can do 360’s on the far river right wave at upper pipeline. Possibly good front surfing at Malted Milk too.
While the full-out freestyle/rodeo crowd doesn’t usually bother coming until/unless the Root gets over 1000 (or 1200) cfs, when All Evil has enough depth and is big enough for them to trick it up in there . . . For most other boaters, who can find plenty of fun doing front surfs, side surfs, and flatspins, levels of 500 – 900 or so are the sweetest levels. Video by Bob Menard [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U53g71_0PtQ[/youtube]

The Black at Hatfield – Class II
 While it only comes in a few times each year, this River has a fantastic play wave at the put in. The ideal level for play is about 1800CFS. Be sure to call 1-888-HYDROWI to get an accurate read on the level going through the bypass. There are some smaller play spots along this run as well. As the level rises the play disappears, over 3000 there the wave train at the top is a fun ride and the run turns into bigger water with more crashing waves but less rocks to keep an eye on.

Manitowoc – Lower Cato Falls


The Fox 



Slate River
High Water – by Jon Sisley


Falls River –


Silver River – by Bob Menard


Visit http://www.riverfacts.com/rivers/11635.html A few great Class III- V Rivers include the Slate, Sturgeon, Silver, Paint, and Falls River.