Photo  In Northern Michigan lies the waterfall the best of the best kayakers wants to tackle. Tahquamenon Falls…..

At a height of 51 ft. I grew up hearing stories about my Uncle running this. Scouting it multiple times before anyone had ever attempted it before. Meticulously recording levels and tracking data to find the perfect level. Then, as a kid who was too busy with every other sport in the world to notice the excitement of whitewater kayaking, I never paid close attention to all the details. One day though, I walked into his basement where a photo hung of him going over the lip of the waterfall. 4 years ago I started kayaking, and I have learned more and more about the challenges running a waterfall like this one someone faces. But also know the technical ability someone can acquire to safely execute the challenge. I’ve now hear stories about the experience he had that I can understand without immediately assuming he is crazy or being too risky. One thing my uncle never does is something too risky. He is very calculated in everything he does and he has taught me how to do the same as I continue to push myself to the next level of whitewater kayaking. I believe he ended up with the 2nd run of this waterfall, but since then, it is becoming more and more popular. People travel from around the world for the opportunity and local rising paddlers like Jonathan Sisley and Will Bethke have taken on the challenge themselves.


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