TRR Pool




 Johnson City, TN Chapter of Team River Runner

 Sessions are from 7:30 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. on most Wednesdays / or noted otherwise in dates listed above at the ETSU Center for Physical Activity (CPA) Pool.  Gear up earlier if you want.

These pool sessions are limited to veterans and volunteers affiliated with Team River Runner ONLY.
As usual, pool session info below!  Big reminders: rinse all boats every time unless they’ve been kept at the pool and sign in on the kayak club’s log.
Pool session reminders:
– New paddlers can not participate in pool sessions until they have completed an Intro to TRR session, received medical clearance, and signed all waivers.

– Always sign in on the sheet kept by the ETSU kayak club.  This will insure that we continue to get pool time.

– If you haven’t filled out a paddler/staff info sheet, please let me know.  Same goes for release forms (DSUSA, VA, and media).  All paddlers (vets and volunteers) sign an release at every TRR event.

– Pool sessions are 7:30-9 PM.  We can’t hit the water until 7:30, and need to respect the kayak club’s time and clear out of the pool area by 9:30 (not out of the pool by 9:00 or so).  I’ve been showing up at 7:00 to get gear organized and do pool side teaching.   Feel free to come early to get your gear in order.  The back door is usually open by 7:00 or so.

– Always rinse your boat off before bringing it into the pool area.  If the hose isn’t by the door, just ask and we’ll find it.  If you boat has been hermetically sealed since the last pool session, you’re probably good to go.  If there’s any possibility it has grass, dirt, bugs, etc. in or on it, please give it a quick rinse.  ETSU has been generous with their pool, so let’s keep it clean!

IMPORTANT: NO paddler participants should be in the pool without TRR volunteers present.  For a very new paddler (i.e., no wet exit demonstrated), a minimum of two volunteers must be in the pool (not in boats) prior to putting the paddler in a boat on the water.  Make sure that you know the skills of your paddlers and use common sense.
Contact Bill Finger for additional info: