This week we have postponed our Paddle to the Grill to Friday night because Mahoney’s is working with us to have a 2 hour clinic on how to pack a kayak or canoe for paddle/camping overnight! So if you’ve ever wanted to go on one of our trips now’s you opportunity to learn how or to gain some new ideas even if you’re an old pro at it.

The only way to enjoy all of the elements of the river or lake is to pack up your boat, change you mailing address, and hit the water with full intentions of sleeping out. The sound of moving water puts any tired paddler into a coma and stars reflecting off a perfectly still lake can keep anyone memorized for hours. Come by the Outfitters on Thursday and learn what it takes to enjoy a full night and two days(or more) at your local watering hole. Clinic Meets in Outfitters 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

Here’s a map link so you can put in your starting address: