Photo by Josh DaltonOur very own Matt Dalton & Joshua Neal Dalton from Elizabethton, TN took a trip out west this summer and came upon a 100+ feet waterfall known as Metlako Falls in Oregon.  The falls is measured @ 101 feet by many sources.  Yes!  They giv’er, sent it, hucked it, tucked it, and took it!!!  Very nice, Dalton boys, VERY NICE!!!  Check out their video below of the descents!

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”338″][/vimeo]

This means the Dalton bros are the first people I know from the Tri-Cities area to break the 100′ descent mark and now hold the regional record for highest waterfall decesent from the Tri-Cities area!  Congrats to the Dalton bros for this achievement!!  So who’s going to break it now…? 😉