At the heart of paddle sports, there are paddlers who are passionate about the water sport they love.  Amongst the broad spectrum of paddle sports, quite possibly the most passionate about growing and advancing their sport would be whitewater kayakers. World Kayak is made up of such a group of passionate paddlers who volunteer their time to host events, keep others up to date on current whitewater issues, and even do instruction at local pool sessions.  World Kayak began as a grassroots effort to share the sport of whitewater kayaking with the public. Starting with only 32 events 6 years ago, it has now grown into a 150+ event program while still remaining in touch with its roots. The heart of these events is the Hometown Throwdown. Hometown Throwdowns are fun, easygoing events that help spark interest for those that are new and those that have never tried event style kayaking.


In the six years of growing this grassroots event series, we have added events in additional regions and a points system.  This year we have grown again in the southeast to add Ocoee events!  This gives us a total of 5 event regions & 22 total events in the southeast within a 3 hour or less drive time from each locale: Nantahala, Nolichucky, Ocoee, Pigeon, & the USNWC!  With the convenience of these event locations in close proximity, WORLDKAYAK is proud to announce the inaugural Hometown Throwdown Southeast Championship!


The HTTD Southeast Championship will offer participants the extra opportunity to be in competition at different features, experience multiple disciplines of event style paddling, and have way more fun!!!  We also believe that this will be a great way for participants to meet more paddling friends by traveling around to the different regions to compete (Kind of a “Tour de Southeast” for whitewater)! Not to mention… if you win one of the classes, you will have bragging rights for being one of the Southeast Champions! 


CLICK HERE to download the complete

HTTD Southeast Championship Schedule


***Mark your calendar for the events you want to attend & look for more details coming soon on each event in the WORLDKAYAK Regions website…


Competition Format & Rules


*All competitors who wish to compete in the HTTD Southeast Championship must sign up to GET RANKED ($10.00 donation to World Kayak) on website.


*The HTTD Southeast Championship will use the existing World Kayak Amateur Points System to compute points for each competitor.


*Competitors are to register in ONE of the following 8 classes for the entire Championship Series of events:

K-1 Men’s Novice

K-1 Men’s Intermediate

K-1 Men’s Expert

K-1 Women’s Novice

K-1 Women’s Intermediate

K-1 Women’s Expert

C-1: Single blade paddler (open boat or kayak)

Juniors: Youth kayaker age 17 or below


*Competitors are to select at least TWO events in each of the Nolichucky, Nantahala, USNWC, Ocoee, & Pigeon Event Series to participate in a combined total of TEN events.  Competitors can compete in as many events as he/she wishes in each region’s event series, but only the competitor’s best 2 finishes in each regional event series will count in the Championship Series Points System.

*The final 11th event for the 2012 HTTD Southeast Championship will be the WORLDKAYAK Hometown Throwdown Championship event on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  This event will count for double points in the HTTD Southeast Championship Series Points System!


*Individual rules and regulations for each event will be explained by the World Kayak Ambassadors on event days.


We hope to see you at the Throwdowns!


HTTD Southeast Championship Coordinator:

Wesley R. Bradley