Team APE’s formed together one last time this past Saturday at the NOC for the Canoe Club Challenge slalom event #3 & Southeastern Downriver Race!  The days events were HUGE in attendance by many clubs/teams!!!  Big booming fun was had by all with 435 runs through the slalom course by 130+ paddlers & 99 participates in the downriver race! 

Team APE’s had a total of 14 paddlers support our team in the downriver race & 12 paddlers in the slalom race!  Big thanks to all who came to join Team APE’s!  We came in with another strong 3rd place finish overall in event #3 as a club.  This strong showing helped Team APE’s finish with a solid 3rd place spot on the podium in the series!  We also met our overall goals for the series to beat the CCC!  Rock on Team APE’s!!

Top 3 Club Point Final Series Standings

Georgia Canoe Association – 419

Atlanta Whitewater Club – 400

APE’s – 205

The complete results are in the PDF links below for team and individuals in each event:

SlalomRound 3 Indiviual Class Results

2011 Overall Team Results

2011 Southeatern Downriver Race Results


Big thanks to the NOC’s Charles Conner, Chris Hipgrave & Melissa Pennscott for all their hard work in coordinating these super fun events!  Thanks to Cheryl Killman and the NOC for the photos in this report!  Thank you to Erin Weatherford as a timers for the event!

Looking forward to next year’s events in the Jackson Kayak Canoe Club Challenge at the NOC!