That’s right folks… the Jackson Action Wagon is ready to spread some more Jackson Kayak fun with new designs for 2011!  I am heading to the JK factory tomorrow (3-18-11) to pick up 12 brand new boats that will be available for free demo through out the 2011 spring and summer paddling season! 

The first stop for the new 2011 J.A.W. Tour will be the Freedom Hall Pool Session in Johnson City, TN next Tuesday (3/22/11) for a FREE demo!  Then the 2011 J.A.W. Tour will be appearing at the TEHCC Gear Swapin Kingsport, TN for a boat show on 3/26/11.  Come out and join the J.A.W. for one of the first two events on the 2011 J.A.W. Tour to check out the new Jackson Kayak designs!  

For more information and specs about the new 2011 JAW fleet, check out the J.A.W. webpage: