Lord of the Fork Race is this Saturday (10/23). Race starts around 3:30 pm, maybe a little later depending on how long it takes to get a start list together and bibs handed out. Try to meet at the Garden Hole put-in between 1-2:30 pm to help make that stuff happen quickly.
Due to the evil death-trap changes at Fist, the new start line this year is at Skunk Beach. This is a big rock ledge and beach on river right, downstream of Fist (about halfway between Fist and Maze, at the big right-hand bend in the river). This cuts out about 2-3 minutes from the previous course.

If you plan to compete, bring something of value (anything goes) to give to the race winner. No other entry fee, no race categories, fastest person wins.

Racers are personally responsible for their own safety. This is not your typical organized event, basically just a bunch of friends racing each other through one of the most spectacular canyons on the planet. There is no guarantee of anyone holding ropes or setting safety at any of the rapids. Even if there are volunteers at some places, it is impossible to protect you from every hazard along this race course. Racers are expected to stop and help each other if needed.

Anyone that wants to volunteer to set safety is much appreciated. Some suggested places: Top hole at Triple Drop, bottom right at Triple Drop, near the undercut rock in Maze, bottom left hole at El Horrendo, left side of Foreplay or Climax.

Check out Matt’s website for more details and past results: http://russellforkrace.blogspot.com/

See you there,