Who – Team APE’s

What – Downriver Race & Slalom Course Race

When – August 14, 2010

Where – Nantahala River, NC


Calling all fellow APE’s!!  Here is a great event hosted by the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) that we all can join in together to have some great paddling fun, promote some great club spirit and lay the smack down on some other regional clubs!  Check out all the details on the NOC website link below: 




I’ve wanted to post something up about this is event for the past month, but have been tied up with my other events.  Basically, if you can paddle the Nantahala River you will have a blast participating in this event!  The event will kick off with Southeastern Championships Downriver Race (see website above for all the details).  Then the NOC has set up a really easy slalom course between the pedestrian foot bridge down to the vehicle access bridge adjacent to the NOC outfitter store.


The Slalom course will start from the pedestrian bridge and go down river through a series of 10 gates.  The gates are spaced out far enough a part that a first time slalom boater can handle weaving to and from them with relative ease.  Most of the gates only have to be passed through going down river, but there will be 2-3 gates that will require you to catch an eddy and attain around it back out into the current.  It is a ton of fun and you get to run the course as many times as you like during the 3 hour window.  Your best time will be the one that counts toward the individual standings for the event.  Did I mention there will be prizes too for all who run, like NOC gift cards, bags, water bottles, etc…      


You can use any plastic boat of your choice to participate in this event.  You can use a K-1 (playboat, river runner, creek boat, long boat), C-1, OC-1(open boat), OC-2 (tandem open boat) & K-2 (tandem kayak).  The NOC will make classes for each one of the different types of boats in the event for the prizes!  The only boats not allowed are composite slalom boats.


*** NON SLALOM APE’s – We need you too for this event!

The key to this event is to get as many runs as possible during the 3 hour window to get as many points as possible for your club.  In order to record the runs we will need timers on the bridge.  Each club is responsible for recording their times and runs.  The more timer APE’s we have to time runs the more paddling APE’s we can have running the course at one time (instead of having to take turns timing each other).  So if the slalom course sounds a little intimidating to you as a newbie, don’t worry,  you can still support the club in a big way by timing other APE’s J


I have competed in the first 2 event in this series for APE’s and have earned us 6 points thus far for the club.  We have a way to catch up with the AWC & the CCC, but if we get enough APE’s to join us for the final event we could easily catch up with the other clubs.  The points are doubled for the final event, which means for every run an APE does down the slalom course our club will earn 2 points! 


The points are also quadrupled for each participant we have compete in the Southeastern Championships Downriver Race, which means if you make a run down the Nanty from the Forest Service put-in down to the NOC Take out (8 miles) when they say “Go” you get the APE’s 4 points.  It does not matter how long it takes you or where you finish in the standings, unless you are fierce competitor like me and enjoy that aspect of an event.  You just have to complete the run to get the points.


Jen and I are going to run our Dynamic Duo for the downriver race, so there is 8 points for the APE’s already!  The J.A.W. (my demo fleet of Jackson Kayaks) has another Dynamic Duo available for demo if any 2 Ape’s want to use it for the downriver race or the slalom course FYI.  I have been using the Villain & the Dynamic Duo from the Jackson Action Wagon to compete in the past 2 events.  The Villain is putting down some very fast times and tandem kayaking with someone in the Dynamic Duo down a slalom course is a ton of fun and a great exercise in team building!


Sorry for the lengthy description, but it was a lot to explain…  whew!


With all that said, if this sounds like something fun you would like to do as TEAM APE’s; contact me to let me know what part of the event you would like to participate.  Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or concerns about the event also.  I will put together a team roster and post it to the message board the Friday before the event.  We can also set-up a car pool from Johnson City if there is enough interest in that initiative.


Please make plans to join us for this sure to be great time!  Go Team APE’s in the Canoe Club Challenge!!!