Mike Morrow and Scott Fisher will be teaching an Advanced Swiftwater
Rescue/Advanced Whitewater Kayak Course Aug 28th on the Nolichucky
River. There are 10 spots available. Those interested should have
already completed a Basic Swiftwater Rescue Course and should be
comfortable on class 3 water.

The greater emphasis will be placed on the swiftwater rescue portion
and, towards that end, the course will be predominantly scenario based
in the context of a river trip. In other words, students will be moving
downriver and responding to situations encountered along the way. We
feel that this is a logical progression from the basic swiftwater rescue
course and will continue to help the student refine his or her judgment
and proficiency under realistic conditions that can best be achieved in
the dynamic nature of an actual river trip.

We will work on advanced river running techniques between scenarios as
we work downriver. We will camp at either the Nolichucky Gorge CG or
Riverpark CG (old Big Rock CG) on Fri nite (27th) and will provide
refresher training that eve on the skills that you will need on Sat.

This course is a great way to continue your swiftwater rescue education
both in terms of refreshing skills you may be rusty on as well as taking
your current skills to the next level.

Cost is $60 per person.

Instructor Contact:

Scott Fisher

23 Highland St.

Weaverville, NC 28787.

Questions: Contact (276) 698-4644 or e-mail tfisher1@ibius.jnj.com