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LVM has put together a great video about the purpose and history of American Whitewater. I thought it was very worth while to watch and share. You need the QuickTime player from Apple to view the video.;-Database=videos_mysqlandamp;-Table=oneandamp;-maxrecords=1andamp;id=LVMandamp;-SortField=week_ofandamp;-SortOrder=Descending

If you not already a member of American Whitewater I would strongly encourage you to join! AW fights hard to preserve our rivers and promote safety in our sport. Contact me with the link below and I will be happy to help you get you signed up. I have applications and brochures available to distribute about AW for more information.

Have a nice day!

Wesley R. Bradley – AW member since 2004

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A Great Story about AW on LVM TV