Paddling Tips and Tricks – Volume 2, Issue 2a

This monthand#39;s issue will be a two part series… so stay tuned for Issue 2b!

Since many of us will soon be lugging our boats around for TVF very soon, I thought this would be a handy tip to offer for this monthand#39;s installment of Paddling Tips and Tricks.

Click on the photo to the right for photo details of the following description. Here is a simple and cost effective way to carry your kayak for any amount of distance on your back. All you need is a 16and#39;+ long adjustable cam strap and a round foam pool noodle with a hollow center.

Thread the cam strap through the center of the pool noodle and the grab handles of your kayak as shown in the photo. Once you have connected the strap to itself with the cam buckle, slide each of your arms under the pool noodle like a backpack. Tighten or loosen the cam strap as desired for comfort and BAM! You now have a nice and comfy way to carry your kayak on your back.

Once you reach you destination using your kayak harness, simply breakdown the two components and stuff them in the stern of your boat (make sure your secure them to the boat, so you want loose them if you take a swim) until you need them the next time. The pool noodle will also double as some very light flotation, so you are not adding weight or taking away volume from your float bags that you should have installed.

Reference: Ras Jah Will (MRP Forum Member) from Gastonia, NC provided the attached photo.

Until next time; Be safe out there!!!

Wesley R. Bradley – Tri-Cities World Kayak Ambassador

Cheap and Effective Kayak Carring Harness