Ambassador Steve Bailey

I was introduced to whitewater kayaking in the fall of 2002 by a couple of close friends.  Most of that fall was spent swimming more than paddling.  All of the other more experienced paddlers were a lot of fun to hang out with, and none of them minded chasing the new guy downstream for a T-Rescue after a good working.  Warm and sunny, cold, rain, snow, large groups or small— whether it is park and play, creeking, river running, or big water  there isn’t a bad day to be on the river.  A few of us quickly got involved in helping with some of the local beginner classes and took interest in getting others into the sport of whitewater kayaking.  My wife Kristy also enjoys spending as much time on the water as possible and we look forward to when our son is old enough to start paddling around in the eddy with us.Steve Bailey