The Seaway Valley stretches along the St-Lawrence River from Brockville east past Montreal, North into the farmlands, and South to the foothills of the Adirondacks in Northern New York. Is there any whitewater kayaking in the Seaway Valley? You better believe it! The St-Lawrence River drives a large volume of water through shallow passages to create some well-known features including the Lachine Rapids and Expo 67 in Montreal. The water from the St-Lawrence River is also forced through the Riviere St-Charles in Valleyfield Quebec to provide a great whitewater park with features for all levels, and when the gates are open the “croque-mort” (the undertaker) shows it face in Melocheville Quebec. But wait, that is not all!!! All that water does not just come from the great lakes. There are so many feeder rivers and spring creeks that feed the St-Lawrence. The Richelieu River gives us the rapids at Chambly. When the snow pack melts and the rains come up the rivers and streams that flow South out of the Laurentians and north out of the Adirondacks, into the Seaway Valley are within an hour drive of the Seaway Valley.

Hometown Throwdown #6: Freestyle for all. – August 10th Valleyfield Quebec.

World Kayak Freestyle Home town Throwdown on Saturday August 10th on the Riviere St-Charles in Valleyfield Quebec. To all paddlers new and old, beginner and advanced: Come join us on Saturday August 10th in Valleyfield. Everyone is welcome. Registration starts at 10...

Canadian Freestyle Kayak Team – First Fundraiser of the year was a hit!

Westmeath, Ontario Saturday March 19th. The Canadian Freestyle Kayak Team is going to Germany this year and getting a team anywhere in the world takes time, effort and money. We are fortunate to have organizations like CKC that contribute to supporting our sport and...

Here And Now Movie Premiere in Williamtown, Ontario

World Kayak and the Cornwall Recreatinal Whitewater Club got together on Friday, May 23rd at Jack’s Pub for another great WK Movie Premier: “Here and Now” Following the success of the first WK movie premiere held earlier this year, World Kayak and The Cornwall Recreational Whitewater Club got together once again to present andquot;Here And Nowandquot;. 18 people came out for the premier and were thrilled by the performances put of by Nick Troutman, Joel Kowalski, Eric and Dane Jackson and friends as they explored the rivers of Newfoundland, Quebec and the Niagara Gorge. The paddling was inspiring, the scenery was awesome and the additional clips of their fellow paddlers in the US and Mexico were great too.

The Seaway Valleys First Movie Premier Wowed the locals in Williamstown.

Despite the Montreal Canadian first game of the NHL Playoffs, Jack’s Pub in Williamstown had a good turnout for the showing of the Green River Race and Night Of The Living Donkey. On Thursday, April 10th, I got my family together, picked up a selection of Jackson kayaks and headed out to Jackand#39;s Pub (a whole half mile from the house…) with our evening movie selection : The Green River Race and Night Of The Living Donkey

Creeking in The Seaway Valley

Creek season is right around the corner. This moring it was -15 but the forecast for the week is warming and the sun is doing it’s job!! Introducing The Riviere Aux Outardes! Creek season is right around the corner. This moring it was -15 but the forecast for the week is warming and the sun is doing itand#39;s job!! All this means local creeks will be open shortly

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