Your SeaTac Ambassador Clay Ross

Hey all, this is Clay.  I’m originally from Southern Oregon but have been in the Puget Sound area for the last 8 years.  For my day job I work at the University of Puget Sound in annual giving, which gives me the opportunity to work with the school’s kayak club as the staff adviser.  I spend most of my free time teaching class I, II, and III to students and friends and boating every single weekend (finally broke the 50 days on the river barrier this past year!).  I love to be out on the river, regardless of the difficulty level, and definitely have as much fun teaching intro to white water courses to college students, as going out and pushing my limits on more difficult white water.  I’ve met most of my best friends on the river, in the pool, or in a kayak related class.  I taught my fiance to kayak and now she has a better roll than I do (only because I don’t flip as much as she does:).  If I miss just one weekend of boating, I feel bored and out of sorts.  The truth is I live to kayak, and most things I do every day come back to reflect that.

Photo Credit: Carissa Trapp