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SeaTac Halloween Home Town Throw Down

Sponsored by Kayak Academy and other World Kayak Sponsors

On Saturday, November 2nd. Kayak Academy and World Kayak will be hosting a pumpkin pickup on the Skykomish river! We’ll meet at Big Eddy Washington State Park at noon, and then paddle/row/swim down the sky and pick up pumpkins along the way!

How it will work:

We’ll place pumpkins with numbers on them on the river from split rock to big eddy. You can pick up any two along the run, (and can swap those you have for others at any point) and the person with the highest numbered pumpkin at the end wins first pick in the World Kayak swag bag!

So what can I win?!?!

First off, everyone of age, can have a couple of our Ninkasi brewed beers, for free! Then, we’ll give out prizes to everyone who participates with the highest pumpkin number choosing from the prizes first, and working our way down to the lowest number. Everyone gets a prize!

Here’s what we’ve got in the W.K. Swag Bag:

    • $50 gift certificate to Kayak Academy
    • T-Shirts (Chaco, Ninkasi, & Shred Ready)
    • Smith & Jackson/World Kayak Beanies
    • Shred Ready Pro Deal Gift Card
    • Mountain Khakis Beer Cozies
    • Ninkasi Hat
    • Night of the Living Donkey DVD
    • Stony Boater Paddle Wax
    • Ninkasi, World Kayak, & Smith Stickers