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World Kayak Sea-Tac region is made up of boaters of all ages, styles, interests, and experiences. Every other week, I ask a series of questions to one member of our community, and share their answers here:

Meet Roy

Where are you from and where do you live now? Auburn.

What you do when you’re not paddling (what’s your day job?) Hospitality(salish lodge)

When and how were you first introduced to kayaking? 2006 inflatable kayaking with outdoor adventures.

What goals do you have for this year and/or your lifetime boating career? Paddle 30 rivers or go to South America and Nova Scotia.

What’s your favorite river/run in the Seattle-Tacoma area? Carbon or the Skykomish.

What is it about kayaking/rafting/SUPing… that you love? The Adrenaline that you get.

Who is your favorite person to boat with? Why? Justin Corson well he is the one who got me into boating.

What boat do you paddle now/what is your favorite boat to paddle & why? I paddle with a 5’9 specialist bliss stick its fun to plug holes and surf.

What is so great about paddling in Seattle-Tacoma? It’s got a great community of paddlers with various skill levels.