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World Kayak Sea-Tac region is made up of boaters of all ages, styles, interests, and experiences. Every other week, I ask a series of questions to one member of our community, and share their answers here:

Meet Matt

Where are you from and where do you live now? I am a cat boater from Renton Washington, I’ve lived in this area all 32 years of my life.

What you do when you’re not paddling (what’s your day job?) When I’m not running rivers I’m in a math class dreaming about running rivers.

When and how were you first introduced to kayaking? I have always been a river rat. My first whitewater trip was on the Tieton river when I was about 10 years old, in a family friend’s bucket boat. My job was to bail water. LOL, it was so much fun! I was sold. I spent a lot of time popping K mart gear before I got my own real gear a few years back.

What goals do you have for this year and/or your lifetime boating career? My current and future boating goals are to continue to take my swift water education as far as possible and have a whole lot of fun on the river.

What’s your favorite river/run in the Seattle-Tacoma area? My favorite river to run is the Green river through the gorge. Its my favorite river because its such a quality river so close to home.

What is it about kayaking/rafting/SUPing… that you love? I’m in love with rafting because it gets me outside in this beautiful Pacific NW area. To me, the river has always felt like home and I can’t ever see that changing.

Who is your favorite person to boat with? Why? My favorite people to boat with is my friends at WRRR because most of them share the same river love that I do.

What boat do you paddle now/what is your favorite boat to paddle & why? I like to boat with any boat with oars because I like ultimate control of where I’m at on the river, and its easy to surf waves with them.

What is so great about paddling in Seattle-Tacoma? I like living and boating in this area because there is a river not to far away in any direction you go in.