Paddling Clubs, Associations, and local Projects









Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association

This is a great bunch of guys and girls who just have a genuine love for paddling. They were the main backer in the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Act, which protected several of Tennessee’s most awesome whitewater rivers, such as the Obed River where Clear Creek, Daddy’s Creek, Crooked Fork Creek and the Emory River all combine.  They also offer Swift Water Rescue training to the public as well as civil servants and military. Refer to their website for more information and membership opportunities.


You can also find them on Facebook!



Paddle Adventures Unlimited meetup group

You can find these guys at the following link. They do regular trips on both flat water and whitewater, just join and then RSVP for whatever you want to do!



Nashville Whitewater Facebook group

Created by Mark Thompson to encourage whitewater togetherness in the Nashville area. This is a great place to find out who’s going where on a more daily basis. Whether I’m taking a trip down the Stones, or heading out to the Ocoee for the weekend, I usually post here to try and get more paddlers in my party.  This page has recently taken off, spiking up from 27 members when I first got here, to 507 now!!!!! This says a whole lot for our budding whitewater paddling community here in Middle TN.


WeStroke.Com was created by Kevin Todd and Mike Loftis in efforts to take a “Ordinary Joe’s” look at kayaking. From one working man to another, just out there for the love of the sport. Stay hip with the sport by following WeStroke‘s kayaking videos, gear reviews, and its local to international event coverage. WeStroke provides up to date information on even the smallest of Hometown Throwdowns all the way up to the Whitewater Grand Prix. These guys are great. You should definitely check out their site!

Walden’s Ridge Whitewater

Recently, our good buddy Christopher Gibson, from Murfreesboro, TN,  took a leap of faith, purchasing the Waldens Ridge Whitewater from it’s previous owner Mark Cumnock.  This was a big step for all of us, bring Walden Ridge‘s Online gear store and their awesome southeastern creek flowpage database that much closer. Check out this great local paddling resource here.