About Nashville

Located in middle TN, Nashville offers numerous paddling opportunities all within an hour’s drive or more.  Within an hours drive are the Stones River in Murfreesboro, Rutherford Creek in Columbia, and Bledsoe Creek in Galatin, the Harpeth River and the Duck River.  In the two hour drive bracket, are Wolf Creek, Spring Creek, and Roaring River. With about 2.5 hours driving you get Rock Island, Clear Creek, Daddy’s Creek, and the mighty Obed River.  And of course, three hours will put you at the Ocoee and the Hiwassee Rivers.  So, with a little driving, the possibilities are endless!  Also, since Nashville is only 4 hours from Atlanta, GA, it’s not uncommon for Atlanta folks and Nashville folks to meet somewhere in between. 

Close to home, the Stones, Rutherford Creek, and Bledsoe Creek offer beginner friendly runs sure to inspire a love for boating in any beginner paddler. If you live in this area, and are looking for a new sport, then look no further, because Nashville has some great stuff to offer.

Nashville also offers mountain biking trails, hiking, lots of great fishing, and an awesome music and nightlife scene.  All in all, this is a great city and anyone should be proud to live here!