Region Play Spots

Maybe it’s the location, or maybe it’s just cause it isn’t in that often, but please check it out next time you are rolling into town and the snatch is running between 3800 and 4200 as high as 4400 best is around 4250, A cool little feature called Cherry hole  loop

Located well above The Wall rapid on Tumwater, on river right you can park along the road at the pull out, ferry across the river and play for a few hours before going down the Tumwater section or walking back to your car.


There is a bunch of small fun stuff above rodeo hole for now we want to only mention the Classic’s. Please remember the Wenatchee is mostly snow melt the water is always cold please dress appropriately.

Rodeo Hole:

You can park below the blue house (permit required) and have an amazing play session at Rodeo hole, the prime levels being 12 – 14.5.  The main hole at these levels is so much fun.  One can choose to get pummeled in the meat or scramble to the surfer’s right shoulder and enjoy the sun.  Actually rodeo hole is not that bad; however, it can leave a paddler very humbled at the end of a session. At lower levels it forms a nice wave; kind of flat but still nice since it’s quite wide. The often neglected Washing Machine hole is right above the main feature and as the name say’s it can be quite retentive once you get out. If you manage to stay in the eddy it will bring you right back in for more fun (there is no resting between rides); the nice part is that it comes in way before rodeo hole.

At the next rapid Dunkard’s Drop one can find some of the most powerful waves on the river.

Pit Stop: Very steep and fast green wave right at the top of Drunkard’s rapid test your skills by catching the eddy on the left and ferry onto the wave. If you’re a bad ass you have a 50/50 chance to make it. Once you figure the move you might get up to an 80% success rate.


First of all, it’s not in that often, but when it is you need to get over here. After you get on it a few times you will understand that all of your Skills, Balls, and Stamina need to come together to work as one person.

Trinity starts to form at 10,500cfs on the Monitor gauge and really comes into its own from 11,500cfs to 14,000cfs.  The feature is world class, and the few that have surfed there return every year; if not they are dreaming of their next encounter.  The raw power of this wave is hard to describe and can launch kayaks into the air without notice.  To say that takes a few rides to get this wave dialed is an understatement.  Trinity doesn’t have a smooth glassy face to make it easy to set-up for each move but that’s part of the fun.  One ride you may actually throw a few consecutive moves and the next you just pearl drop in on the wave followed by multiple window-shadings. Know that it is possible to walk back up to the Rodeo hole parking from here Please be respectful of the orchard on the way.




Never Wave:

This wave has been around for quite a while but, since the playboats enter the sub seven foot range most boats just don’t juice to surf this beauty or so we thought.  In January 2011, the snow level climbed to 6,000 + ft and the rain started to fall and thirty six hours later the Wenatchee river hit 15,600 cfs.   At this level Trinity is blown out and Rodeo is quite a handful but, just up stream of Turkey shoot this wave at 15,600 cfs let us know she is in for service and with eddy access.  Still not as retentive or as powerful as the classic Wenatchee features however an amazing wave for a fast hull.  Definitely worth some attention especially if chick stop is crowded and you rather spend your time surfing than watching some else.  If you are honing your surfing skills as a stand up paddle boarder this maybe the friendliest big wave on the this section and with a SUP the window of opportunity starts at 12,000 cfs – 17,000 cfs.  Enjoy the video!


Turkey Shoot:

Once, you’ve had your fill at Trinity you can float down to Turkey Shoot.  Across from the wave is the Cashmere gun club hence why some people call it Turkey shoot. I noticed the spot is very popular with the lady’s and was told the real name is Chick stop. This feature is below the original spot called Snap Dragon. This feature works pretty well from 6000cfs to 15,000cfs.  Between 6000cfs and 9000cfs one can learn most hole oriented moves and 9000cfs to 15,000cfs it starts to form a nice wave.  The difficult thing this feature is the inconsistent shape of the wave or the extreme surges.  Above 10,000 the wave will go from big and beautiful to flat and nonexistent and if you just finished a session at Rodeo and Trinity this can be frustrating.  On the other hand, this wave will help any paddler refine their technique and teach how to watch the wave for the most power.  Turkey Shoot is about finesse not power, maybe that’s why the girl’s really enjoy playing there.




Snowblind has the highest surfable wave count of any rapid.  When coming into this rapid set your ferry angle up stream and look over your shoulders.  Everything here is catch on the fly and if your wave count is less than four when your through this rapid you need to eddy out and start hiking back to the top of the rapid cause missed a lot and you could use the practice catching waves.     If the river is above 20,000 you will always find locals hiking this rapid.  At that flow not much else is working on the river and what you will find here rivals any wave found worldwide. You can park by the tracks just past the motorcycle shop on the left on Sunset highway. At high water, surf  the first green monster you come to on river left save energy for the ferry to river right where you can surf 3 spectacular features one after the other eddy out on the right and hike back up.

Granny’s: The last and final rapid is Granny’s.  Granny’s has one of the best wave trains on the river at any level.

the actual Granny wave changes a little every year due to the gravel bar on river left above the feature also this is a hike after each ride worth it for sure is a wave/ hole feature and after the last big flood it is known in from 4500 all the way  to approx 9000, 7000 is one of the best level’s for it and 7000 is a level that is around often. The best level was 4500 to 5000 but trust us 7000 is the way to go. Cool park and play feature you can park at a little city park across from the recycle center it is best to paddle to the cashmere park take out and take a quick walk to get the car back please don’t trespass on river right if you don’t want to go all the way to the take out please walk up the bank and ferry to the put in bridge that’s over mission creek.

Unfortunately the last few years have seen a dramatic increase in car break in be aware that in most cases thieves were watching were you stashed your key’s and then steal your stuff. It is best to take your keys with you. The local law enforcement is well aware of this so if you notice suspicious behaviors please call 911. We are all so sorry that this is happening and want to reassure you that it is a problem only at the Cashmere Park.

Take out, take a break, do it again.