Pool sessions are back in full effect in Leavenworth. Every Sunday from 4-5:30 PM, I will be at the Hopkins Memorial Pool with a couple boats, maybe a couple friends, but always a ton of fun. Grab your kayak and your sweetie and come on down for an afternoon full of rolling, cartwheeling, swimming, and T-rescues!! No experience necessary. Whether you are getting in a kayak for your first time or you just finished your 700th Tumwater lap of the weekend, come down and play around in the pool. There is no better learning environment than a good ‘ol swimmin pool. Cost is $5.00 cash and you will be required to sign your life away at the door. After the sesh, come join me for a bit of whitewater on our backyard runs. We’ll paddle whatever the group is feeling. Lastly, don’t forget to fill up on a Heidleburger before you come. You’re not yourself when your hungry…

BYOB! (Bring your own boat) If you have one.

See you all there!!