This year we kicked off the Wenatchee Valley race series with an awesome event on the lower Wenatchee River. Unfortunately, I had a wedding to attend on race day so Officials Nightbeast and Lubes took the helm on this one. The race course was from Goodwin Bridge in Cashmere to the Riverside Park in Cashmere. Registration was at Riverside Park on Saturday evening of May 16th. This was beneficial as the officials were able to corral boaters coming off of the play run and get them involved in the race. With an AIRE couch as the finish line and a table full of schwag, the event scene was definitely a spectacle.














Promptly after registration, all competitors were shuttled up the the Goodwin Bridge where the starting line was set. This race was initially intended to be a mass start boater cross race, but due to the diversity of our competitors, the officials divided the racers into two groups. The first heat consisted of all playboats, paddlers under 18, and female paddlers. Heat two was everybody else. Racers paddled hard through plenty of flat water while also seeking out those fast lines through rapids Snow Blind and Granny’s. The finish line was in the middle of Riverside Park so paddlers had to reach the take out, get out of their boats, and run up the boat ramp, and get their leisure face on on the AIRE couch.

                     Pat Hennessy waits patiently for the race to begin.

The ladies, youth, and short boat class taking off down the river!!

Men’s division blasting off the starting line!

With average race times of around 12 minutes, our competitors were not hesitant to enjoy the comfort of the AIRE couch at the finish line. Everyone finished strong and had nothing but a good time powering down the last bit of the Wenatchee River play run. After a quick award ceremony and schwag distribution, the Snow Blind Scurry was a wrap and everyone continued with their weekend.

Christian Knight getting leisurely after the race

Our exhausted competitors kicking back after their victory

Race competitors stocking up on some fresh gear

Looking good everyone!!!

Thanks for everyone who came together to make this event a success. I hope to see you all at the next event of the Wenatchee River Race Series, the Boulder Bend Bash!! Meet at Happy Wave Beach Club at 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 30th!!!



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