Over the last couple of days we have had temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s.  Everyday I wake up I can’t wait to check the river levels, anxiously waiting to see high water on the Wenatchee River.  Well, this morning is the first taste of big water.  The gauge is just under 10,000 cfs and climbing.

Hot temps = Highwater in the Northwest. 4-24-2012

Now, most of my eagerness comes from having a new kayak I have been working on for a while.  I call her the Phoenix and what I wanted in a play boat was speed.  After spending a fair amount of time in surf kayaks in the ocean I want to design a boat that would blend surf kayaking and modern play boats into one form.  Now, on the Wenatchee during highwater we have some great waves however there have always been a few other waves that are a little greener, glassier, and breaking a little less than what is more commonly surfed now days.  It’s not the other play boat can’t get on these waves but once there they just lack enough drive to use the entire feature.  Sorry to cut it short but time to paddle.  I will have more info about the boat along with a video in the near future but for now it’s time to take the boy to day care so I can boat before work.