Every since I moved  to Cashmere, WA. to be closer to the Wenacthee River, I have been amazed at how much this river changes.  It doesn’t matter if we have big flood one year or a season when in late summer we see a low of 250 cfs.  This year we have had a lot of freeze-thaw weather with a fews days of rain to top it off. As I drive pass this rapid every day, I can’t help but look longingly over at the river, fantasizing spring flow.   All winter long I watched a little bit of bit of erosion and few weeks ago I noticed a little bit more than usual while passing by. I thought one day there will a huge rock sitting at the top of Drunkards; however, I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I cannot help but wonder what blessing the river god has bestowed upon us with this gift.

I bet you will do some interesting mystery moves in the hole that will form here at high water.


Down stream river left.


Look up at the newly exposed area of the wall. This rock is rotten.


Drunkard's 2-2012_01

Standing on river left about 20' upstream from where the top wave forms. A fun line would be to catch the eddy that forms right against the sand stone, fiery out on the the wave, surf for a bit and then peel off the wave and get ready to boof, sub-out, and/or take a beat down.


Drunkard's 2-2012_02

River right side of Drunkards. It looks like there is a bit more rock that will fall in the near future.