Every year it happens the water start’s coming up, me and all my friends try to act cool about it, but by the time some of our favorite levels are in it’s a free for all regardless of what jobs we have, or how long the honey do list got during ski season, or even how prego you partner is  it’s time to go boating, everyone start’s acting like we are 12 again facebooking while at work texting like a bunch of teenagers in heat, etc etc.

Every year, I think it will get better and I will be able to control the urge but no, year after year it happens gotta go Boating, most of our wifes boat and understand that it’s not that we like to paddle, we need to paddle the ones that don’t get this, keep hitting their heads against the wall until one day they are out of the picture.

I’m super lucky because I have the coolest wife ever not only does she facilitate me going paddling but she actually makes sure I train for it all year so that I can help my body stay strong for the all season  and take care of everything else  (www.crossfitcashmere.com)

The Wenatchee is up to 12000 + trinity is in and it’s time to get out there do what ever you need to do but these levels don’t happen that often so get out and Paddle.

Marco Colella