Welcome to the Denver Kayaking page of the World Kayak Blog. Colorado is one of the top paddling regions in the United States. Denver offers 300+ days of sun shine a year, steep creeks 30 minutes away, tons of Class III-IV, and 14.5 miles of man-made WW running right through the middle of it. Denver pales in size compared to New York, Dallas or LA. It is a small city with a cool sports vibe, great food, fun night life, amazing concert options, and more skinny outdoorsy people than you can shake a stick at.οΎ  Denver really does have it all. People here love their free time, and most are multi sport proficient. Denver draws every type of whitewater paddler and it is still one of the easier places to find a paddling partner. Welcome to the Mile High Paddling Club.

Bailey Fest 2012 Photo and Video Contest Winners

Special Thank you to Ian Foley for putting a ton of effort into everything that is Bailey Fest. It really would not happen if it weren't for him. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors who support World Kayak and mostly thank you to everyone who entered, voted, or...

Bailey Fest 2012 World Kayak Video/ Photo HERE

http://vimeo.com/47588072 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R65CVnNyvs&feature=g-upl http://vimeo.com/49140115 https://vimeo.com/49354035

Golden Community Rodeo 2012

The Golden Community Rodeo is back again in 2012 and it is going to be another great year. If you have ever wanted to test your skills in the world of freestyle kayaking this is your chance. The GCR lets everyone join in the fun. It offers groupings; junior girls and...

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