This week we had a friendly game of Sponge-ball. The objective of today’s HTTD was to bash the other team with a sponge, fully loaded with water. As you might expect… it was epic! ┬áThe session started with two teams of five. Each team consisted of paddlers ranging from beginner to expert skill levels. We even have a few first time paddlers show up with inflatable kayaks. When the buzzer sounded, the teams went wild. Sponges were flying in all directions, and a great time was had by all. After a few battles, and the winners had been decided, the game continued in a different fashion. Instead of teams, it became a game of last man/woman standing. Sponges flew from all directions, roll attempts were made, and the swimming commenced. Prizes were given out at random, and an excited middle-school student brought home the grand prize! The stoke level was high. This is an event that must happen again soon!