My goal for this year’s Hometown Throwdown Events was to take out many of the serious aspects, and put a little spin on every event. The first event was a partner event in which participants had to complete a checklist of difficult moves. The second was a team event which required each team member to score points toward their team total. This event also had a spin, but was also just meant to be goofy. For this event, we played kayak baseball. It was a spectacular turn-out. With over fifteen competitors and volunteers, we had ourselves a game! The group was split into two teams, with one person floating to the team that needed it the most. The rules of the game were simple. Hit the ball, paddle around the bases, and if you got hit by the ball you are out. We had buoys set yo in a diamond configuration. Paddlers chose their batting order, and the game was on! Both teams had some major runs, and terrible fails. In the end, after three innings, the scores were tied, and everyone called it a draw. There were many smiles shared by all. This is definitely a must do for any HTTD event.