This turned out to be an epic Hometown Event! The festivities began at the Paul Stock Recreation Center by getting into teams of three. Each team consisted of one expert paddler, one intermediate, and one beginner. Each team member was tasked to select two events from a list of ten. The events ranged from basic paddling techniques of turning and paddling in a straight line, to more advanced moves such as loops and cartwheels. After each team member made their selection, the competition was under way! The first event was pretty intense. All competitors were trying their hardest to earn as many points as possible for their team. After the first event, there was a much needed two minute break, as all competitors were exhausted. The second event buzzer rang, and the next competitor was beginning to throw down. There were cartwheels flying, paddles twirling, and swims commencing. After all of the participants completed their two events, the scores were totaled. In third place was Team Rainbow Bright. In second was The Dudes. And in first place, with 70 points was The Fairy Princesses.