Local boaters have been warming up in the pool this winter. To kick things off, our first hometown throwdown took place at the Paul Stock Aquatic Center. This event began with a short introduction of the competition layout and rules. Shortly after, the

Jake Skeen throwing some Class IV Cartwheels.

competitors were given thirty minutes to check off as many items as possible from the provided list of moves.

The moves ranged from turning a kayak (class I) to switching kayaks with a partner (Class V). While some moves appeared simple on paper, the actual execution proved to be quite the challenge. Only one participant was able to complete the move that required the competitor to stand up in their kayak while in the water, turn 360 degrees, and sit back down in their kayak.

Of the sixteen competitors participating in this event, there were three women, five youth, and eight men. The top three competitors in each category included:

Youth Female

Lucy (1st)

Youth Male

David (1st)

Hugh (2nd)

Alex (3rd)


Jill (1st)

Billy (2nd)


Jerod (1st)

Taylor (2nd)

Jake (3rd)