A mild winter provides local boaters with the opportunity to get out and enjoy some spring boating conditions. This week the temperatures are up, and there are more kayakers on the river. Our winter flows on the Shoshone typically range from 200 to 500cfs. The water is cold, and the rocks are about three feet out of the water. Seeing these rocks is a little unsettling due to the realization of just how many sieves, undercuts, and razor rocks are lurking just below the surface.






While new hazards are found around every corner, it doesn’t take long to identify the goods. With strangely shaped rocks and low cfs, an abundance of new play holes and splat rocks can be found. One of the best ways to identify the “goods” is to look for the rocks which are coated with the bottom of, local boater, Ed Conning’s kayak.
















Great day on the water with Ed Conning and Taylor Hensen.