Your Chattanooga Ambassador – Jen Maxwell

Hi there! My name is Jen and I am super excited to be the new World Kayak Ambassador for the Chattanooga Region.

I learned how to paddle in 2008. A friend from work (after a bit of begging on my side) took me to the lake, sat me in a boat, and flipped me over. That first “swim” won me over! That night I got on the internet, searched for a pink kayak, and found one….the rest is history. I learned to boat on the Hiwassee, Nantahala, and Ocoee Rivers. And have had a blast the entire way.

I love this sport! I love that no matter how many times you have been on a river it always shows you something new. I love the challenge it gives me when I push myself to get a on a river maybe a little above my comfort level and I LOVE teaching others to kayak. I am a Level 4 Kayak instructor and love working for the best the Ocoee has to offer, Ace Kayaking School. Kayaking is a huge part of my life and I love sharing it with others.

I am so stoked to get to be a part of World Kayak, and to bring some friendly competition back to the Ocoee!