Local Rivers

Hiwassee River

The Hiwassee River is a beginning paddler’s playground. It is a beautiful dam release river located in Reliance, TN. This class II run provides a beginning paddler with rapids to learn and advance on. The river starts off with a nice class I warm up rapid shortly past the put in. Around the bend, you come to your first class II rapid. The middle right of the top of this rapid you will come to “Eddy Rock” which will provide for great practice. Up next, is “Double Drop” which is just as its name implies. For the beginning playboater, nice surfing can be found at the bottom of the first drop. Many more slides and wave trains abound through this remote run, culminating with “Devil Shoals”, a nice wave train which happens to be the largest rapid on the river.  TheHiwasseeRiveris not just for beginners, it is a great learning river for those interested in stepping up their game. Practice eddies, ferries, peel outs, front surfing, side surfing, 360s, and more!

 Release – Runnable at 2 generators  http://www.tva.gov/lakes/aph_r.htm


Ocoee River

Southeast Tennessee’s favorite river! The Ocoee Riverhas it all. You want a slow float (maybe even sans boat)..check out theLower Ocoee. Ready for some Class III fun, go for the Middle. Want to step it up to some Class IV, go Upper Ocoee. This river has it ALL!

The Ocoee River is located inBenton,TN.

The Middle Ocoee is dam release and runs 5 days a week Memorial Day through Labor Day, and 3 days a week until the end of October. The Middle Ocoee offers classic rapids such as “Grumpys”, ‘Broken Nose”, “Double Suck”, “Tablesaw” and “Hell Hole” and many more. This section of river can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Work those skills…..then go play on the Upper!

The Upper Ocoeewas home to 1996 Olympic Games.  TheUpper Ocoee is dam release and runs 1 – 2 days a week Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Get in your boat and get ready to go…the river starts off bobbing and weaving through trees and bushes. Then go! Run “Alien Boof” on river left, then walk back up and ferry river right and run “Mikey’s”….on down the river to “Blue Hole”. Here you will see the bridge indicating you are nearing the Olympic Section. Bring on your A game here. Big, fast wave trains…nice ledges and be sure to watch out for those holes! The last rapid of the Olympic section is the largest on the river, “Humongous”, run it river left or river right. Be sure watch where you are going here.   After the Olympic section…catch your breath, but get ready for the another Class IV of the run “Roach Motel”. From here to the bottom you will have some class II-III rapids (Be sure to watch out for “Edge fof the World” it will sneak up on you), and a huge smile on your face!



The Tellico is a classic in the southeast! . The Tellico is a super fun run…which is covered up by color on warm and cold days alike anytime it is running.  It starts out with a class III rapid at the bridge. A short distance downstream you will find the next class III known as Ledges. The next rapid is Bounce offBoulderwhich you will see as a large sloping rock on the left. Beginners to winter paddling may want to put in a bit below Bounce Off…at Turkey Creek.  Below this point the run is mostly class II with occasional class III drops including Crack in the Rock.  Reeders Rock is another named class II that comes after these. This rapid is noted for the keep right sign and the large undercut wall on the left. The nasty undercut is the rock that the sign is on, but the walls downstream are undercut as well…so watch out. In another mile you will reach theRanger Roadaccess. Paddlers typically continue another half mile downstream to the access at the Oosterneck Day Use Area for take out. http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/1792/

Check out the Tennessee Rivers and Creeks at http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/state-summary/state/TN/