Name- Melanie Taylor

Years boating- 6

Have you ever had a love affair with a boat?  If so what boat and why? Yes. Esquif Nitro aka Sue. She is my perfect boat. Sue is stable yet very manuverable and easy for me to roll. She can punch through holes and loves to side surf. I have even stood her up vertical in a hole and was able to pull her out. We have bonded and talk to each other on the river.

What is your favorite local run or play spot?  Tell us a little bit about it. I guess I would have to say the Ocoee. It the river I have run the most this season, even progressing to the Olympic section. I like that there are many different lines depending on how much you want to push yourself on the run.

What are your top two destinations that you have traveled to boat? Fortunately I don’t have to travel very far from home to paddle the best rivers. My next 2 favorites would be the Tellico and Clear Creek

What is your single favorite piece of boating gear? My caged helmet. If I’m upside down I don’t worry about bashing my face on a rock.

Best Apres boating burrito? Nachos and beef enchiladas.