Name-David McConnell

Years boating-6

Have you ever had a love affair with a boat? If so what boat and why? I’ve tried to have a love affair with several different boats but the cockpit was always too big and the drain plug hole was too small. I’m always searching for that perfect boat for the next time my wife tells me “If you love that damn boat so much, why don’t you try f***ing it for a while”. I do have a fondness in my heart for my Dagger Nomad though, it’s always taken good care of me and is always ready to go out and play.

What is your favorite local run or play spot? Tell us a little bit about it. Got to be the Sinks-Elbow section of the Little River. Great class III+ rapids with a couple of IV’s that can be skipped or run depending on your mood. 40 minutes from my house with a big watershed so it runs a lot, a character that can change dramatically with water level, and an easier section just upstream if the water is really high. Close enough for afterwork runs.

What are your top two destinations that you have traveled to boat? I have never traveled outside of the SE to boat. All of my boating takes place in triangle formed by WNC-E TN-Cumberland Plateau.

What is you single favorite piece of boating gear? My Subaru, it gets me and my gear to whatever is running no matter the weather and when everything is dry it reminds of the good times with its permanent boater funk.

Best Apres boating burrito? Front Porch, Cosby, TN