Name- Bruce Foster

Years boating- 20+

Have you ever had a love affair with a boat? Yes, two.  If so what boat and why?

  • (1) Prijon Rockit cause we are both veterans of a really bad day that turned out OK.
  • (2) Jackson SuperFun, first boat I ever had that made me feel like all I had to do was think about where I wanted to go and it just went there.

What is your favorite local run or play spot? Ocoee River TN. It comes with a wonderful Tribe of local paddlers.

What are your top two destinations that you have traveled to boat? Haven’t traveled a lot to boat, I mainly hang around local runs. (1) would have to be the first few years I attended Gauley Fest (MMM Gauley Stew). (2) The Yough

What is you single favorite piece of boating gear? My friends.

Best Apres boating burrito? They are all pretty good after a day on the water.