I was given the opportunity to paddle the new addition to the Jackson Kayak family, the Fun Runner 60. Clear Creek in Wartburg, TN was running at 1200 CFS on December 24…seemed like a great time to try it out. First of all I have to say that I LOVE Jackson outfitting on this one, the unishock bulkhead makes it so easy to get it, get fitted, and go! The river was nicely padded today, big water fun! The Fun Runner 60 took about one rapid for me to warm up to it. To this point, it is the longest boat I have ever paddled so it did take some getting adjusted to. The Fun Runner 60 took to the waves and just flew down the river. The boat caught eddies on a dime, tracked amazingly, and sliced across the water, and boofing an 8 foot long kayak is fun!


Fast forward a couple of weeks, Clear Creek again this time at 190 CFS. Much different river….much different boat. The Fun Runner 60 showed its ability to be a great boat for a beginner today. It moved through the water without feeling out of control, talk about secondary stability, this boat does not want to flip over. But if it does…rolls like it was nothing. The Fun Runner 60 eddied out and ferried with no problem. And boy did the Fun Runner 60 want to play, it was able to catch waves easily on the fly and just wanted to sit there. The lowish level of the water today also let me see how it could maneuver through the rocks. It was very easy to turn. The volume kept the boat enough about the water that when surfing it does not want to pearl, unless of course that is what you are aiming for. All together the Fun Runner 60 is a great boat!  – Jen