You have to love the Southeast…we get to paddle year round. It’s that time again…winter paddling is among us. The beautiful rivers and creeks that few ever get to see are running. And I am ready to be on it! Luckily the right gear lets you not even realize it is cold! Be sure to watch out for those signs of hypothermia.


Initial Symptoms:  shivering, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, slurred speech, and   stumbling

 Severe Symptoms: stop shivering, desire to lay down and sleep, heartbeat and breathing  is barely noticeable, unconsciousness followed by DEATH

 What to do: remove from cold if at all possible, remove wet clothing, rewarm…build a fire, get out of the wind, provide warm sweet liquids

 Be prepared, dress for the swim…..and HAVE A GREAT DAY ON THE RIVER!!