Hi – my name is Gary and I hate socks… (Feel like I’m at a 12-step meeting). I wear my sandals and flip-flops a lot – daily from April through mid October.
When I first moved to Idaho 12 years ago I bought some cheep knock-off sandals and had to replace them every year. Three years ago I pulled the trigger and made the jump to Chaco Z1 sandal. I’ve been wearing those same sandals since. These things are bomber. The Vibram soles show hardly any wear and the foot bed is still in great shape , as are the straps. And I’m usually wearing these things in rough terrain.
So to add to my Chaco collection this year I got a pair of Flip-Vibe flip-flops. These are light and comfortable. They have the same quality feel as my Chaco sandals and I’m sure I’ll be getting years of use out of them as I am my Z1s.
So if your looking for great footwear that will work for town or out on the river check out the Chaco line-up at http://www.chacos.com/US/en or athttps://www.facebook.com/Chacousa
See you out there!
Gary Wilson
World Kayak Ambassador – Idaho