We are looking at a great summer lineup for Throwdowns in Idaho.

Our first is in just over 2 weeks - in partnership with Alpenglow boat demo on April 22nd at the gutter. Then Saturday is the Boat Swap at Alpenglow on Bogus Basin Rd. 

For the Throwdowns at Kellys Whitewater Park we are planning on a 2-ride freestyle on the wave and then I would like to include a few boatercross heats at the end. The new bridges going in are making that possible :-) 

That being said here is the Throwdown schedule for Idaho this summer:

4/22/2011 - gutter 6:00pm
5/28/2011 - KWP 11:00am
6/25/2011 - KWP 11:00am
8/13/2011 - KWP 11:00am
9/3/2011 - KWP 11:00am

As always these events are free and we raffle off prizes at the end of each event just for participation.