I have beenwvtd2 working to get representataion in WV since the begining of WK, and now finaly after a number of years we are on.  A great group of stoaked boaters has taken the reigns and hosted a fantastic event.  keep your eyes set on the new WV region at WK for all that these guys have to offer.  Thanks a bunch guys and great job.  Here is what the WV Boys have to say about their first event. 

Monday brought the first in a series of World Kayak Hometown Throwdowns to the Southern WV region. Paddlers from the local rafting companies, including videoboaters and their families, descended into the New River Gorge for a laid back downriver competition through Fayette Station. This first event boasted a turnout of twenty-three participants, armed with countless different river craft. Creek boats, play boats, long boats, river boards, and inflatable pool toys cycled through the rapid displaying only the most artful downriver techniques. From the elusive shutter rudder, to the mysterious beat down, and even the well known carp roll, all those involved threw down the most impressive move within their arsenal.

Jeremy and his two kids put on a good show with a family ducky run down the rapid. A brief out of boat experience at the top progressed into big wave hits and paddle twirls, not to mention a few good laughs. Marcus had the best ride on the top wave in his C1, throwing a few roundhouses and a back loop to leave him with the best ride of the event. Charlie, Evan, and Steve showed what video boating is all about, with big wave wheels, kick flips, and lots of imaginative splats. Lil’ Perkins got the best carnage, wheeling off into the big pour over for a brief but brutal ride. All skill levels were represented, with Kyle getting his first run down a rapid ever.

We ended the day with a cookout provided by Jeremy and his family, sharing stories about the day and eagerly awaiting the events of the future. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude all of those who participated and made this event a great success. Stay tuned for more information on future events.

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