Mid-70s and sunny was the weather as we kicked off the 2010 Maryland Chute Out freestyle series at Upper Center Chute hole on the mighty Potomac. It’s a small ledge hole and I was concerned it might been filled in a bit during the very high water we had after DC’s “Snowpocalypse.” But it was as good as ever, giving up cartwheels both ways, loops, and even a McNasty.

Continuing a long DC-area tradition, the highest score of the event was set by the C-1 class winner–in this case, Jordan Poffenberger. He and Dylan also towed up an extra kayak and he competed in K1 as well. Now we won’t see him for a while, as he heads out west for the Colorado event tour and team trials.

It was a light turnout, perhaps because Cheatfest was the next day and people were working late Thursday so they could leave early on Friday. We had some competitors leaving at the end of the Chute Out to drive straight to the Cheat. But it doesn’t take many to run a rodeo, and we had a great time as always.


  1. Jim Buley, 170 pts
  2. Dylan Evans, 155 pts
  3. Jordan Poffenberger, 130 pts


  1. Will Tate, 74 pts
  2. Mark Maderic, 22 pts


  1. Maria Stine, 19 pts


  1. Jordan Poffenberger, 209 pts
  2. Ned Poffenberger, 23 pts


  1. Dylan Evans, 155 pts
  2. Jordan Poffenberger, 130 pts

Learn more about the MD Chute Out on the Valley Mill Kayak School website.

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