Over 100 people attended the third annual Corbin Kickoff event in Post Falls Saturday 4/17/10. With tremendous energy this event rightfully stole the show for many people and paddlers. Unfortunately Hydrotherapy Sessions was pushed to the end of the event schedule Saturday leaving most spectators sun burnt and most paddlers tired from the excellent paddler cross and raft races during the day.

Water levels were perfect for Trailer Park wave so after the festivities a small but core contingent headed upstream to learn something new. Chris kept score and modeled for the camera, Kim took amazing photos (hope to share some of these soon), Chris showed us how to approach a new feature and new moves with zeal and gusto, Pat held down the fort and kept pushing everyone up the eddy with his handpaddles (no slackers allowed he would yell), and Matt played the role of instructor showing us what was possible. We all enjoyed evening sun on the wave as we played a excellent game of “Kayak”, as in the game on the basketball court you call your move, perform the move, then others match and beat that to challenge one another.

Smiles all around from wave to parking lot where the first reflections of another Hydrotherapy Season were shared. Prizes were awarded the light faded with an amazing sunset. This may have been our smallest hydrotherapy group to date, yet I think I heard everyone share a lesson, move, or idea big and small learned by the end of the night. That reason alone got me stoked for the rest of the paddling season and for the upcoming hydrotherapy events. Great things come in small packages.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up. Our amazing Sponsors like Bumble Bar, Omega Pacific and World Kayak!

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HydroTherapy Session #1 “Good things come in small packages” ~American Proverb