Hey everyone – We have decided to postpone the June Throwdown and move it to another date. We have so much water that the gutter is full and has no good waves, Most of this weekend there was even too much water for the bladder wave – it just glassed out. And when it is in it may only be in for a short time and then change again.

In Boise the 36th street wave is pushing to the far side of the river and many would miss the must-make eddy on the near side and end up washing down stream where the river is flowing through the brush/trees with no eddies. I checked it out today and right now the hole is pretty trashy.

Iand#39;ll talk to everyone at the next TD and find what works best, I imagine that we will add it in the first or second week of September – But Iand#39;ll leave that up to the participants 🙂

Thanks and see you at the Kickoff meeting for the Boise River Park on Thursday!

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Boise Hometown Throwdown for June Moved – Too Much Water!