The new law is currently in affect. (UPDATE) You can get these on the web or at new locations being added starting Friday to meet demand and to make it more convenient for boaters to obtain Idaho Invasive Species Fund stickers and comply with recently enacted laws, according to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

(UPDATE) Check out info from the Idaho Statesman regarding the new locations HERE .

The new law is supposed to protect Idaho waters from the invasive and#39;Zebra Mussel and#39;. If you live in-state or are a visiting paddler you have to get a sticker to paddle in Idaho. The only non-motorized boats exempt from this law are inflatables 10and#39; and under. (So I guess a 9and#39; inflatable will not transport mussels, but a 5and#39; playboat will…?). Fine for not having one…$57

I, however, am not going to stick it on my boats – stickers tend to come off. I laminated mine and zip-tied them inside my cockpit.

Anyway – you can order them online at for $5 each.

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If You Are Boating In Idaho – Ya Gotta Get A Sticker