The open event at this years Reno River Festival wil be a World Kayak Hometown Throwdown!

World Kayak is happy to announce that the open at this yearandrsquo;s Reno River Festival will be a Hometown Throwdown (HTTD). The open event will be held on Friday May 8th. The event will be conducted and scored like all other HTTDandrsquo;s. The top three paddlers from the K1-A, K1-W, and K1-JR will be carried on to the invitational event on Saturday. As always there will be a K1-B category so that all boaters of every skill level will have an appropriate peer group to compete with. Bring the heat and all of your freestyle skills, but do not forget to bring your style as well. We always give points in the HTTDandrsquo;s for style. All prizes will be raffled off based on participation, and believe me that when I say our fantastic sponsors have stepped it up for this very special event, I mean it!

There will also be a secondary competition that will start now and end Thursday evening at 10PM. All you have to do is pre register for the event at Once you are registered online send an email to with your prediction for the flow of the Truckee River in the whitewater park at noon on Friday the 8th of May. At the mandatory competitors meeting we will award the competitor whoandrsquo;s guess comes closest to the actual flow without going over with a very nice prize. In the event of a tie we will rock, paper, scissors for the win. The prize will be a VIP bracelet for the kickoff party on Friday evening. This VIP bracelet will get you all the food and drink you can stomach from 7-9PM. You will also win a pair of Smith Sunglasses, a pair of Mtn. Khakis, and a full tube of Nuun active hydration. Not a bad way to start the river festival weekend! F or a great video of the Hometown Throwdowns go to

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Hometown Throwdowns go big time!